Hello and welcome to us at Edeängs Kennel.
I like the kennel name is Carin Yngve Daughter-Krook
and I have lived in a small village named Frisbo in Bjuråker as
Located in Hälsingland. But moving the 1 / 9-15. I have had my kennel name
since 1972, when I started my breeding with Boxer and
Samoyed, and I was also active in SBK, worked
with dressage. When the puppies leave us, they are dewormed
Registered in SKK, veterinary inspected, chipped, registered ownership
in both SKK and farm work, and has a uppfödarförsäkring
which is valid for 3 years. Shiborna is HD x-rayed. Tibetan Spaniel is
eye tested before mating.

Me and my husband Rolf

Carin Yngvesdotter-Krook

Opplivägen 44

82795 Tallåsen.